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Why Becoming a Licensed Tradie is better

Becoming a Tradie and becoming a Certified or Licensed tradie are two different things. A Tradie is a person who has experience in performing a skilled trade. In this instance it means that trade is part of the building and construction industry. You can also complete TAFE training (or RTO training) in a particular trade and you will be considered to have a certificate in that trade.

To be a Certified Tradie, you need to have both the certificate and the required minimum experience to qualify.

As a tradie you want to you certified. Every Australian state and territory has its own licensing and registration requirements (Let us know if you need help with this). Some states require that you have a licence while others simply require you to register with an accredited building practitioner and work under their licensed supervision.

However, having your own licence means that you can trade independently of others (have your own business). There are several reasons why being certified is better:

1. Legal protection - Avoid fines

In fact, it may be illegal to do the trade without a licence. This could mean big fines, prohibition from ever being licensed and even worse consequences if lives are put at risk.

2. You Charge More - Make more Money

If fines are the stick, here is the carrot - Licensed tradies get so much more money for the job and they get the bigger jobs. By taking a certificate or a diploma, you’ll boost your income – no matter what type of tradie you are.

Moreover, when you're licensed you can build your business with apprentice help. You will have to put in some training time but you will also get valuable extra hands for your business that will increase your revenue. 

3. Insurance - Protect your assets

Getting a trades licence is also the only way for you to get public liability insurance. If you want to ultimate, you can network with other license tradies. Again, getting certified will help you get your licence and most especially insurance.

4. Credibility - Prove your knowledge 

Being certified will help you acquire essential skills and knowledge in a structured way. The license will allow you to strengthen those skills that is vital for your career in trade. And instead of going through years of training, you can simply prove your knowledge through recognition of prior learning and spend your other time on other important things.

5. Integrity - Shows good work ethic

Getting these certificates and licenses will also show that you’ve got a good work ethic. This is very important because it shows customers that you do business the right way, thus it builds trust and loyalty with them, who are more likely to recommend you to their friends and relatives.

Final thoughts

There are other benefits of becoming a certified Tradie. We as accountants see some real benefits that tradies also enjoy such as you can become a qualified tradie without creating a big student loan to avoid costly Uni fees and get paid on the job, or maybe just simply get the girls, right? (kidding!)

If you need any help getting your licence applications completed or setting your business, give us a call.


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