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What they don't teach you in TAFE

Although TAFE has been tremendously providing us valuable vocational education and training, there are still things you need to learn to make your business more efficient and reduce your cost.

Doing a Cert or Diploma or Bachelors in business is a great start for anyone wanting to be successful in their business,

but it will take you years of business experience to get your business to a mature operation level.


you could get some assistance from industry professionals to get your business to a mature level from the beginning.

We call it the Smartphone Accounting method and we can show you how to make it happen. But first, let us know what is it all about.

What is Smartphone Accounting?

smartphone accounting

Smartphone Accounting is the ability to operate all the key functions of your business from your smartphone so that you can focus on making money instead of being an IT expert or accounting specialist.

Why does it matter?

contruction busness accounting help

Technology is advancing so quickly. Anyone who is just starting out with their business or who wants to get their business to be flexible with their lifestyle has the tools available to make a business that is simple and yet effective in helping you get paid faster.

What is best is that it doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars or require you to employ a team of IT professionals.

Can it be done?

It’s already happening and its saving business owners a lot of time and money. Most importantly, wherever you go, your office is always at hand.

How hard is it to get setup?

online bookkeeping service australia

It’s very simple and easy! This is the best part of our service.

We offer a FREE consultation to help you get set up and get going really quickly. It doesn’t matter if you have existing accounts or starting fresh, we have the step by step process to help you change for the future. We can show you how your business can operate easily from the palm of your hand.

And that’s it. We hope this helps. To learn more about it, click here.


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