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What does an Online Bookkeeper do

The online bookkeeper is your digital office specialist who will help you streamline your business paperwork, compliance such as BAS and Tax and other administration like payroll.

The online bookkeeper’s key purpose is to make your life easier during the work day so that you can focus on doing a great job for you customers and looking for opportunities to sell more of your services and make more money.

The online bookkeeper takes care of the parts of your business that cost you money but you do not necessarily get to invoice to your customers such as ATO compliance work like preparing and lodging your BAS and superannuation reports and completing your payroll processing for your staff and reporting to the ATO for single touch payroll. These are just a few of the many reporting items that you must complete as a business and the online bookkeeper ensures and guarantees that they will be completed efficiently and on time for your business.

The online bookkeeper also prepares your information for other uses such as bank requests for loan applications or for your accountant to complete you income tax returns. The information that your online bookkeeper prepares is also used by yourself as the business owner to plan the growth of your business. Your online bookkeeper can even prepare alot of this for you and keep reporting to you regularly so that you can track your progress. They can make sure that you are on target with your budgets and also help you prepare forecasts for the future of your business. This information can be very helpful so that you can plan your cash and most importantly know what you can take from your business as income for yourself.

Your online bookkeeper is so much more than just a data entry person for your business. Just like us in Cloud Safe Accounting, we are the online bookkeepers who help you setup your digital online office so that is simple enough to do most of what you need right from your mobile smartphone or device. Imagine being able to get rid of your laptop or desktop computer to do most of your office work such as:

  • Quoting Jobs - either immediately with the customer present or offsite

  • Invoicing customers and getting paid on the spot

  • Getting agreements / contracts / engagements setup and signed by your customers

  • Paying your staff

  • Paying your bills

All of the above can be done from your mobile phone and your customers will see just how organised and efficient you are with operating your business and trust the quality of your work as well.


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