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Industry News: Stage Three Tax Cuts!

Will your cash flow be better off?

This applies to individuals and therefore it affects everyone in small business too:

In short:

  1. Yes your cashflow will be better off but not by much.

  2. The tax cut will only improve your cashflow marginally after July 2025

  3. Your accountant will include this extra cashflow in your FY2025-26 forecasts

Some key points:

  1. The tax cuts are now legislated

  2. The tax cuts are start from next financial year (starting from 1 July 2024) so it will not change your rate for the current year

  3. Essentially everyone earning $45K to $200K personally per year will get some benefit from these cuts

  4. If you are earning over $200K per year nothing changes

  5. If you are earning under $45K per year nothing changes

Here is a table of the changes:

Stage Three Tax Cuts Australia 2024

Your accountant will be using the new rates in 2025 for your personal tax and taking into account your business earnings.

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