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Changing How You View Your Business

Now that we have all seen the possibilities of working from home, what advantages of this new working environment will we keep once the restrictions have been lifted? Whether you decide to work from beach or the backyard or even the deck of your boat (at least some of the time), you will need to do some planning for the next months and the upcoming new financial year.

It is time to get the dreams of business success out of your head and into a proper plan. Your plan will need to have realistic objectives such as increasing sales by 10% from online advertising or increasing your gross profit by 5% through strategic price increases and smarter purchasing.

Further, it is good to get into the habit of reviewing your business reports regularly. What reports are you looking at on a monthly basis? What should you be looking at weekly/fortnightly. It is common to be involved so heavily in the day to day of the business that we actually forget that being a business owner means it is more than a job. Ask yourself this? If I had no client work today, what would I be working on in my business? Perhaps over this period of business slowdown you have had that experience! What did you (or are you) doing with your days while there are no customers to visit? It is time to look forward with a plan and objectives to transform your business into a successful money making machine.

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