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6 tips when setting-up online office

For many business owners it is a dream to be able to take their office wherever they go and have it accessible whenever they want. This means being able to work while on the road or the convenience of being able to run your business while you are onsite with clients or as required while delivering services. For some, it even means being able to travel and work without any loss of functionality of your office and so much so that your customers may not even know where it the world you are!

The technology to operate your mobile office is already here and is accessible to those who know how to set it up. You will already have seen promotional material from software companies demonstrating how they make this possible, but why are so few actually putting it into practice?

The truth is that you cannot rely on just one solution to do everything. In fact, you will need several systems online to integrate with each other to make your mobile office truly functional.

Here are simple tips to guide you in setting up your mobile office:

1. Make a list of the functions that your mobile office needs to do

What does your business admin actually do? It could be managing workflow, invoicing customers, paying suppliers, payroll processing, inventory control, or do you need an online store or just tracking transactions for tax.

There are plenty of software to assist with all of the above that is cloud based, and well within the small business budget.

2. Get some professional help

None of like to admit it, but we could all use a little help! Especially when it costs you nothing and can save you lots of trial and error. Online bookkeepers for example will definitely help save you the trial and error part in your administration so that you can focus on the profit making for your business.

3. Get the apps you need to fulfill the functionality of your mobile office

You will need tools and they are easy to find with a simple Google search. The apps you need are online based and you can do a search in Google for each of the functions that you listed in step 1. You are likely to find many apps that do a number of your required functions simultaneously and that is going to help you with the next step.

4. Research how they will integrate with each other

This is where the magic happen, or everything falls apart! For many businesses, the online office turns out to be more work than they thought because they do not have the processes for their apps that talk with each other and minimize double handling of information or even worse - that information getting lost in their systems. Your administration needs to be a well designed integration of systems that all work together and can be teachable to your staff.

5. Get some training to use the apps and test out a few scenarios

The quickest way to make all your efforts to improve your business stick around is to get some training in your new system and have a support team that can respond to you for help. In a couple hours of training, you can be a master of the software in your business and save yourself time figuring it out the wrong way. In addition, your trainer can show you the customised way to the apps for your business specifically.

6. Pick the right time to “switch on” to the mobile office system

It is always the right time to get started on your path to administrative freedom. Every day you procrastinate means a further delay in achieving your goals! Getting all of your systems ready for your online office takes time and you need to have it all prepared before actually turning on your new online office systems. It is important to get the timing right to avoid any disruption of your services to your customers. This may mean running a few “test” customers through your systems first before launching it to the public.


Commit to making it work - because it does work for many businesses already!

Nothing and no one is going to make this change happen for your business except you!

Well, that’s not entirely true. At Cloud Safe Accounting, when you engage us, we are committed to seeing your business transform and we will be with you until it is all operational and then afterwards to provide you with support. It will take our combined commitment to make it prosperous for you as quickly as possible.

Still need some assistance? Do you have any further questions? Book a FREE consultation with us and one of our experienced consultants can give you a cal


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