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Work-From-Home: Save your business from COVID-19

As the world continues to battle the coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses should now start preparing for a potentially altered world of work - a work-from-home.

For years, the work-from-home setup has been a good alternative for businesses whose staff have travel issues, environmental disasters and/ or personal health issues. At this time it can be our key to battle the risk of the virus and avoid internal business disruptions.

Here are reasons why businesses should get their workforce ready for remote work

1. Dangers of Physical Office Set-ups

Although the COVID-19 situation in Australia is relatively under control, the government is continuing to increase the measures to slow further spread and this will impact business more in the near future. This means that travel to onsite work where there will be people gathering is not recommended during this time as this could get worse over the next few months. The dangers of shared equipment in physical offices like doorknobs, office computers and furniture might also bring health risks.

2. As much as possible observe 'social distancing'

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, it recommended to be vigilant and practice personal preventive measures such as proper hand hygiene, social distancing, and cough etiquette. Team building activities can also be carried out remotely, like remote pizza parties in which all team members jump on a video call via Skype or Zoom and have pizzas delivered to their separate locations. There are various ways you can do to make yourself productive just like you are doing the usual office job.

3. We have the right technology

For our economy to keep thriving with a remote workforce, technology is, of course, a key instrument. Australian workplaces now doing work-from-home days to ensure they have the capability to pull it off if the government enforces a highly possible community quarantine. Businesses can adopt cloud accounting and administration – having your data stored in the cloud rather than individual devices means information can be accessed anywhere if you have an internet connection.

Also, we can help you with suggestions for other cloud based office tools like video conferencing tools, cloud storage and communication tools like Whatsapp Business.

4. Online Office is key

Apart from the risk of viral transmission, recession is also a problem. We suggest that businesses should start integrating the online office or remote workforce into their current operations so that you then have the option of scaling this arm of this business if the pressures of the recession demands it.

Online Freelancing or Outsourced administration companies like us at Cloud Safe Accounting can be hired on a project by project basis so there is scalable administration within your budget. Working remotely will definitely keep you away from the lures of COVID-19 and you will have full freedom to work anytime.

How you can partner Cloud Safe Accounting

Whether you want to boost efficiency, grow your business or create a successful business model, Cloud Safe Accounting is an approved organisation to help your business. We have online resources that help you in accessing your jobs, collaborate with staff, manage your accounts, prepare your reports, ensure tax compliance, and communicate with your clients any time, anywhere. With CSA’s help, you can get a direct line to your business with just a few swipes of your smartphone. You have all the freedom to work remotely, focus on your work and get the tasks completed on the go with less hassle.

Final Thoughts

Undeniably, the coronavirus outbreak and the tough economy has caused disruption to businesses globally. But as early as now, we have the opportunity to make necessary changes. And you can make it happen.


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