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Ways to Create Consistency in your Business

When you focus on customer needs - really focusing on each customer’s specific needs, only then will you provide the value that your customers are looking for. Most importantly get paid the premiums you want to charge.

How do you find the opportunities to serve your clients in special ways? Well, you need to create consistency in your business that will reduce wasted time. Here are some ways to do it:

1. Make available time to respond to your customers

You need to really make time to respond to your customers. What if you can respond to you customers within a day, or even better: within 2 hours, or even better: within 30mins. Never miss an opportunity and be able to deal with it on the spot with the right cloud based administration system.

2. Be accurate with your invoicing

Reflective of you services is the invoicing for your customers. Demonstrate how organised you are, avoid wasted time in the office and most importantly, get paid for your work on time with the right invoicing system like Quikbooks.

3. Be reliable with your scheduling

If you can quickly book in jobs, reschedule clients on the spot, and to the jobs you need to do easily so that you can invoice them easily, you will save hours of time. Your clients will experience how easy it is to work with you and naturally select you for the next job.

4. Ask for feedback

We are all learning how to do better and your customers will appreciate that you want to do better every time. So ask them. Best way to do it is to ask them directly “How did I go today? Are you happy with my work?” Its the all comments besides “You did great” that will give you opportunities to improve your value to your customers.

5. Have available time to improve your business

Spend a couple of hours a week turning the feedback that you receive into business improvements. Your customers want to see improvements. It gives them something to talk about in their circles and gets you referrals.

But, how do you get more time?

Quick Answer: Systemise your business. Luckily, many systems already exist and are available to everyone on month to month subscriptions. We can assist you with your setup and provide you with ongoing services to help increase the time that you have for your customers.


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