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Tradie business tips: How Tradies can Thrive in this Digital Era

Everyone now uses digital technology. It is important that your business interacts with your customers this way too. Think about it - You are also working from home (or the road) and using online technologies to contact your suppliers. How much easier is it when your suppliers have made it convenient for you to order and pay them with online technologies? It's even better if you can do it all from your phone and not even bother about a laptop.

Tradies and Mobile Business are Thriving

Customers are noticing which businesses are online ready and able to make their lives easier through the use of social media and the mobile phone. As Klaus Schwab (Chairman of World Economic Forum) said, "We are on the brink of a new revolution in the way that we live, work and relate to each other." The tradie of the future needs the right tools for the job

That is the new business model. It is the digital technology model that is the foundation of every new business that we set up. Having outdated systems in very costly when new businesses are embracing digital systems and being more competitive.

The good news is that it is easy to transform your business and even easier if you get some help to do it. Here are the 3 easy steps:

1. Start with Good Advice

Accelerate your transformation. Get some advice from your accountant or business strategist that can help you leverage your resources. Seeking professional advice helps you make a sensible decision about reaching your main goal in life and focus on it. They can help you define your goals and then put the finances in place.

2. Get some Good Software

You probably have Xero or Quickbooks or MYOB. Now its time to get a job management software integrated and also integrate your website and email service too. These accounting softwares make field services a breeze and improve on-site productivity, which means more time on the job and less in the office. We got plenty of educational resources to guide you on your digital journey.

3. Training is essential and its also easy

You want your staff to use the digital systems otherwise it's a waste. Maybe you will have staff who is unsure of adopting a new way of doing things and that is where simple training makes all the difference. Apps designed for your phone are also designed to be the easiest programs to use so get systems that have a phone app for your staff to use. That way, their phone becomes your business tool. There is plenty of job management software that helps you and your staff manage the work to completion and to invoicing the customer just from the mobile phone app. This makes the training easy and quick.

Transforming your business is essential if you want to compete. Consider how you look through social media and websites for what you want to buy. Make it easy for your customers to do the same.


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