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Things to look for in a Bookkeeper

Looking for a new bookkeeper for your business?

Whether you’re getting started in business for the first time, or tired of your traditional bookkeeper, here are 5 important things to look for in a bookkeeper in Australia.

Bookkeepers are important in every business. They can either make or break your business. But when it comes to choosing the right one, how do you achieve this?

Here are quick pointers to show you what you need in a good bookkeeper.

#1 Registered BAS Agent

Engaging bookkeepers who are registered as BAS Agents protect your business because they are licenced and carry mandatory professional insurance. It takes 1000+ hours of experience to become licenced and you must have completed formal training.

#2 Organised and Process-Driven

A good bookkeeper must be able to understand bookkeeping for your industry. Not only that - business' purpose, processes, and people. They’re your partners in making the business a success that can add value, not just clock in the hours.

#3 Has Excellent Knowledge of online accounting software

Does your new bookkeeper embrace cloud accounting software? Have they embraced the rapidly changing digital innovation? There are a lot of reasons why businesses love working in the cloud. Cloud-based accounting software helps small businesses to connect people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere. It is as easy using your smartphone. We all want easier ways to transact and communicate with each other. This is why Cloud Accounting is your business' best mate and even for "always on the job" Tradies.

At Cloud Safe Accounting, we can easily organise and analyse all of the financial data sitting in your Xero or QuickBooks Online accounts software (and many others to). This includes all reports, invoices, customer information, supplier information, bills, journals, website and social media data and much more.

#4 Has a Good reputation

In every industry, there are the experts and there are the cowboys. And bookkeeping is no different. Look for a bookkeeper who has been in the industry and still just as passionate as when they started.

The right bookkeeper is passionate about you and your business' prosperity.

Final Takeaway:

Employing the right bookkeeper for your business is essential. They can help take away stress and improve your business profit. Most importantly, the right bookkeeper helps manage your business like a successful business owner. You will have the time and the information to strategically grow your business towards financial freedom

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