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How Cloud Safe Accounting Can Help Predict Your Cash Flow

Cloud Safe Accounting (CSA) uses award-winning Cash flow forecasting and reporting software for its small businesses clients.

We all know that spending time to forecast future cash flows gives us a clearer view of our business finances but it takes time and expertise to get it right. What if we told you that the future is now here and available to make your business more time and money? It's worth a look at. We can help you link your cloud accounting systems to the power of AI that is used by larger business. You can make the decisions that keep your business growing

Well, if this sounds intriguing to you, then read on.

What Cloud Safe Accounting do?

Cloud Safe Accounting uses the latest type of financial prediction software to help you make choices for your business. Our job is to help you de-risk your decision making and improve your business confidence. 

How it works

Cloud Safe Accounting automatically pulls in all of the financial data sitting in your Xero or QuickBooks Online accounts software. This includes all reports, invoices, customer information, supplier information, bills, journals - everything, every day, twice a day. Then automatically, thousands of accurate calculations about your whole business are predicted for you. It’s like your very own CFO sat right next to you (but less weird).

Benefits of using Cloud Accounting to business

Here are some of the advantages of using CSA in your business.

#1 Accurate cash flow

Since CSA is linked to cloud accounting software, it actually treats every transaction and their behaviour uniquely, learning their patterns to generate accurate insights. Cloud-based software takes care of these things for you.

#2 Test every decision easily

With CSA, you can test everything from price rises, increased customer numbers, salary adjustments etc with the inbuilt unit predictor. 

#3 Every number explained

In the Cloud Accounting dashboard, hover over any of the predictions and a pop up will explain exactly where and how the figure has been calculated. With this, you can understand and be confident in every number of your business.

#4 Short and long term forecasting

Did you know Cloud Accounting employs two methods to forecast your business, the direct method and the indirect method? No other cash flow forecasting software does both and helps move your business up the Digital Landscape.

#5 GST predictions you can trust

Whether your business is due a GST refund or there’s a GST bill to pay, CSA will calculate your future payments as each month progresses all whilst ensuring you have enough cash in the bank to pay it.

That's it! Pretty amazing right? It truly revolutionize the way we do business now and ensures that our business numbers are accurate. If you need any assistance with predicting your future business finances, feel free to Book in a 15-min Chat with us. It's completely free and no string attached.


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