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Choose an Accountant Who Is Also an Advisor

It's 2020 and your accounting adviser needs to do so more than just accounting!

You're probably in business because you create great products and services that your customers need. However, business is so much more "behind the scenes" to make all that happen and it is easy to be overwhelmed. In a large company there would be teams of people to do the same job that you are expected to do.

That's a mixture of App integrations and IT knowledge as well as law and accounting.

If your accounting firm can help with all the above (and more), then you have chosen the right type of adviser for your business.

Customers don't care how hard it is. They just need your quality service. The "2020 customer" is really knowledgeable about what a professional service should look like. It is just a few clicks and they can compare you to all your competitors. This can let you focus on that quality service, your business advisor should know how to help you with all aspects of your business (not just tax).

Here is a list of help that you could use during this time in 2020. These general accounting practice covers five basic areas of expertise:

1. Cash flow forecasts

Need to know where to put your money can go to help you survive during this time? We can help you see ahead and know how to adjust week to week as events unfold.

2. BAS and Tax returns

Get up to date to take advantage of all the Government Assistance available.

3. JobKeeper & Stimulus Package Relief

It is likely that you are eligible for something and we can help you identify what that is for both Federal and State incentives.

4. Bank Loan Assistance Assessments

Is it worthwhile to approach your bank at this time or to apply for the Government backed loans?

5. ATO payment arrangements

We can help you stop paying tax installment or defer payment arrangements. Get into our business prosperity program and we look forward to being a comprehensive advisor for your business.


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